February 14, 2009

Removing the Cornwallis references

We get e-mail:I subscribe to your Newspaper Rock list. Thank you for keeping me informed on issues as they relate to social justice.

I wonder if you might include some articles/information about an ongoing initiative in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our group is trying to have the public honors given to Edward Cornwallis removed. He has a school named in his honor, has a park, a statue, a street, etc. despite the fact there is very clear historical evidence beyond dispute that he placed a bounty on the heads of the Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia.

We currently have an online petition and a Facebook group dedicated to forcing government agencies to address this issue by renaming every public entity named in honor of Edward Cornwallis. There are various news articles relating to this cause...I can email you the links if you like) or you can google Rename Cornwallis.

Thank you for considering this. To learn more, visit www.danielnpaul.com (Dr. Paul is author of "We Were Not the Savages" and his book is the inspiration for this initiative).


Cheryl Weldon

Please support "The Rename Cornwallis Initative" by visiting www.renamecornwallis.com
The Rename Cornwallis InitiativeFor a number of years, it has troubled many people throughout the province of Nova Scotia, particularly in the Halifax Regional Municipality, that there are numerous public entities such as parks, streets, schools, etc., named in honor of colonial English Governor Edward Cornwallis. Those of us who know the true history of this man, find these honors reprehensible.

Many people are not aware of the need for change because they have never been told about the atrocities Cornwallis committed against the original inhabitants of Nova Scotia. Dr. Daniel Paul, C.M., O.N.S., has been the driving force behind educating people about the history of this province through his book "We Were Not the Savages”. He has opened many eyes through his selfless determination to present the facts. One of those facts is that Edward Cornwallis placed a bounty on the heads of the Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia. This bounty, set out in the October 2, 1749 Proclamation, is a well documented and well accepted fact, which cannot be disputed. This is the legacy of Edward Cornwallis. This is the man who has schools, parks, and streets named in his honor.
Comment:  This is a typical example of honoring Europeans despite, or because of, their role in subjugating Indians.

For more on the subject, see Best Indian Monuments to Topple.


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Thanks, Rob and keep up the great work you are doing. I hope you know that you are making a difference and giving a voice to those who are interested in seeing justice for all people.


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