August 09, 2009

Preview of Flint Creek

What is Flint Creek?Flint Creek is a dramatic short film which looks at the War of 1812 and its impact on western New York in the early 19th century. It is the story of how a young frontier settler and a wounded Seneca warrior find themselves drawn together by a dramatic series of events. Forced to step into two infinitely different worlds, the two men develop a bond that transcends they may have thought existed between them.

With a running time of 15 mins. Flint Creek is designed with the national film festival market in mind. The filmmakers hope to gain entry into a wide variety of festivals.
Comment:  I went through the still photographs of the film shoot. The filmmakers shot on location in upstate New York and the scenery looks lovely. It appears they were trying to get the buildings and costumes right. And it appears they were using Native actors.

It appears William Joseph Elk III plays the Seneca warrior. I say "appears" because out of a hundred or more photos, he shows up only in a couple. Unless Elk was camera-shy for some reason, it seems the story is mostly about Nate the settler. How he reacts to finding a wounded Indian and what he does when the Redcoats come.

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