February 08, 2010

Legends of the Olympics mascots

Legends Of British Columbia Welcome The World to 2010 Vancouver Olympics

By Phyllis MayLegends abound in the British Columbia regions and the mascots represent those legends. The creation of Miga came from the rare, beautiful, small Kermode bear (called a "Spirit Bear") only found in British Columbia and a killer whale. The many stories of Orca whales transforming into bears was a perfect mascot to represent the First Nations. Miga, the little sea bear, represents the tribes who were protectors of the sea. Miga LOVES snowboarding!

The mountains of British Columbia are represented by Sumi. The beliefs of those First Nations' often reflected a theme of transformation and how the spirits, animals and human, connected for the transformations. Sumi represents a powerful animal spirit who is a protector, not only of the animals but also the land and sea. His spirit is a combination of the thunderbird, the black bear and the orca whale…all revered creatures of the area.

The third mascot is more familiar since most have heard of Sasquatch or Big Foot. Legend has it that Sasquatch is a mysterious creature that roams the Canadian forests. Sasquatch has been a local legend of the Pacific West Coast for years so the third mascot is Quatchi, the shy one. Quatchi will be everywhere but he does love hockey and wants to observe the best so that he can fulfill his Olympic dream. He can't wait to meet new friends.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Whale and Bear and Sasquatch.

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