June 03, 2010

Remember the Removal 2010

A personal journey

Several Cherokee citizens left for New Echota, Ga., Wednesday, and will bicycle their way back along the northern Trail of Tears.

By Teddye Snell
Imagine for a moment taking the next three weeks off. No work, no phones, no school books–nothing but you and 900 miles of open road and scenery to enjoy.

Along with that, you’d be learning all about your ancestors along the way.

The catch? You’ll be traveling by bicycle.

Wednesday, 10 Cherokee students embarked on such a journey, leaving Tahlequah for New Echota, Ga., by van. But once they arrive, they’ll be riding bicycles along the northern Trail of Tears back to Tahlequah.

The trip will take approximately 23 days, and riders will cover as many as 75 miles in one day.

Cherokee Nation is sponsoring “Remember the Removal 2010,” the third ride of its kind since 1984. The event provides participants the opportunity to experience Cherokee history first-hand and follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Trail of Tears Bike Ride.

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