December 07, 2010

Grant seeks funding for MINX

Andrea Grant’s Minx goes viral

By Robert SodaroAndrea Grant, a Canadian-born poet, comic book writer, fashion editor, and pin-up model, based in New York City, has taken her 10-year comic-book project, Andrea Grant's Minx, and gone viral with it. She has just launched an online pitch via SoKap to secure funding for her project.

It is Grant’s intention to utilize this new approach to venture capitalism in order to raise some $12,000 over the next 159 days (ending 1/5/2011). Seeking money online is not a new concept, but it has become far more sophisticated over the past couple of years with people utilizing sites like SoKap and Kickstarter, which allow individuals to bring their proposals directly to their potential audience and tap into social media in order to raise funds. Potential donors receive graduated rewards based upon their level of donation. If the proposed total amount is not reached, no money is collected.

The comic book project that Grant is attempting to raise money for is to raise enough money to produce her comic in both serial and graphic novel form. What she is offering to individuals who contribute are incentives that range from a signed, first edition of issue #1, to the opportunity to “die” within the pages of the comic, to the chance to meet her in NYC for drinks and autographed copies of the comic. Suggested donations range from $10 to $275.

The story merges Native American mythology with clever contemporary fantasy, as it explores the duality of human nature and the thin line between dreams and reality. The series follows half-Native American, Minx, a struggling young artist in New York City, whose life is changed forever after suffering a vicious attack and slipping into a coma. Minx, however, doesn’t wake in the same world she left; but rather, she discovers herself in Dreamtime, an alternate reality that humans inhabit when they sleep. Needless to say, with this transition comes not only a great revelation but a profound responsibility as Minx evolves into a sophisticated warrior who is charged with protecting her Native peoples from a complex agenda seeking to transform nightmares into realities and realities into nightmares. More than just a vigilante born out of random coincidence: Minx’s role is the result of the synchronicity of the coinciding of elaborate conspiracy, ancient prophecy, and devastating betrayal.
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