March 04, 2011

Native Vision sports camp in Shiprock

Native Vision looks to Shiprock to host camp

By Alysa LandryOrganizers of an elite summer athletic camp want to spend three days in Shiprock.

Native Vision, a program funded and operated by Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health, is seeking an agreement with the Central Consolidated School District to bring professional and collegiate athletes to Shiprock to interact with students.

The camp, if approved, will be the first week of June.

"We are 90 percent sure that it's going to be in Shiprock," Native Vision Coordinator Marlene Hammen said. "We just need to tie up some loose ends, get all the agreements in place."

The camp includes six sports clinics, as well as breakout sessions that promote empowerment, discipline, teamwork and the pursuit of education. It will be open to 1,000 young American Indian athletes ranging from fourth-graders to recent high school graduates, and preference will be given to students in the Central Consolidated School District.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see NFL Players Hold Charitable Gala and Football Camp on Navajo Rez. For a similar subject, see Native American Sporting Combine.

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