April 21, 2011

Aboriginal Affairs Working Group website

New Website Showcases Aboriginal Business AchievementThe First Peoples Economic Growth Fund. The Prince Edwards Island First Nations Roads Program. The Yukon Mine Training Association.

Read all about these and other success stories at a new website launched by the Aboriginal Affairs Working Group, a consortium of the ministers of aboriginal affairs of each territory and province, plus leaders of the nation’s aboriginal organizations.

Under headings such as “Access to Capital,” “Training, Development and Capacity Building” and “Coordination and Information Sharing,” the group’s new Success Stories site showcases business achievement among Canada’s indigenous peoples. The site “celebrates, promotes and shares accomplishments and proven advancements in aboriginal economic development” in hopes of shining a light to others hoping to make their way out of poverty. There’s also information about issues affecting aboriginal economic development.
Comment:  For more on Native businesses, see Tanka Bar's Company Goals and Pix of RES 2011.

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