April 19, 2011

August Schellenberg in Stargate: Universe

August Schellenberg just guest-starred on a SyFy TV show about which I know little. It must've been a minor role, since this summary doesn't mention him:

'Stargate: Universe'--Common Descent

The crew of Destiny comes face to face with their ancestors

By Jenn Falls
Points of Interest

1. There seemed to be a contest to name the new worlds. Volker's (Patrick Gilmore) choice of "Novus Mondus" for "New World" was the more poetic choice.
A bit on Schellenberg's character:

YaozuYaozu was a leader of Novus people who were stranded on Novus colony for 30 years after Novus gate went off-line. (SGU: "Common Descent") Most likely has direct relation to Camille Wray due to his name being mentioned as being the same as her father's. He can also speak Mandarin making this relationship to Camille probable.Comment:  Having Schellenberg play the relative of a Chinese character is questionable. American Indians aren't Asians.

If Yaozu is a leader of Novus Mondus, that would make him a "Novamundian." Kiowa writer Russell Bates might be happy to learn that his made-up name for Indians isn't totally dead.

For more on the subject, see August Schellenberg as King Lear and Yeehaw, Geepaw in Saving Grace.

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