April 07, 2011

Variety reviews A Year in Mooring

A Year in Mooring

By Joe LeydonA quietly contemplative, deliberately paced tale of renewal and redemption, "A Year in Mooring" sails smoothly, if not downright defiantly, far beyond the commercial mainstream. Pic may strike some as reminiscent of Robert Bresson's more meditative works, while others will liken it to '70s character-driven dramas by the likes of Bob Rafelson and Jerry Schatzberg--all of which should indicate the unlikelihood that Chris Eyre's beautifully crafted indie will make a big commercial splash. But fest exposure and careful marketing could lead to successful dockings at arthouse ports of call.Comment:  A reminder that this is a non-Native film by Native director Chris Eyre. For more on the subject, see Preview of A Year in Mooring and Filming A Year in Mooring.

Below:  "Josh Lucas is a successful businessman escaping from a tragedy while restoring an old sailboat in A Year in Mooring.

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