April 16, 2011

NAMA endorses military book

N.A.M.A. Endorses New Military BookIt has often been noted that American Indians/Alaska Natives have served in the United States military more per capita than any other ethnic group. So it’s no wonder an organization like the Native American Music Awards & Association would endorse a military project.

In a recent announcement N.A.M.A. is collaborating with Operation Music Aid Inc., involving recently published Two Scoops of Hooah!: The T-Walls of Kuwait and Iraq. The 208-page hardcover book, serves as a pictorial spread of history, focusing on cement structures, T-walls, that originally were military barriers. Now transformed into artistic murals showing the expressions of the American Service Members and Coalition Partner Nations on the battlefields of Kuwait and Iraq.
Comment:  For more on military books, see Navajo Codetalker Writes Memoir and Photographing America's First Warriors.

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