April 20, 2011

Arizona chooses state gun

Arizona Legislature Approves Colt Revolver As Official State Gun

By David TaintorThe Arizona House early Wednesday narrowly approved the Colt Single Action Army Revolver as the state's official gun. The bill had been rejected earlier in an all-night session, the AP reports, but it eventually won approval by a 32-25 vote.

"Anytime you see a Western movie, the revolver in John Wayne's hand is a Colt single action," Arizona state Sen. Ron Gould (R) told Reuters. "This is a historic firearm and it fits well with the story of Arizona."

But state Sen. Albert Hale (D)--former president of the Navajo Nation--said "the gun symbolized the extinction, the extermination of those Indians who were here."
Comment:  Well, that's kind of the point, isn't it? An official gun shows Arizona won't take any guff from the rabble-rousing brown-skins.

For more on the subject, see Arizona Is the New Alabama and Guns in the Giffords Shooting.

P.S. I think California's state gun should be a movie prop. Maybe a phaser from Star Trek.


Jaine said...

An official State gun? I'll never understand American gun love.

dmarks said...

I wonder what firearms the Navajo and others mainly used?

Anonymous said...

Muskets were popular with the NW tribes from French fur traders, so guns among natives goes back a bit. Comanches supposedly got guns as far back as the 1740s and Navajos the 17th century.

I know with plains tribes, the carbine rifle was popular during early western expansion.