April 07, 2011

So Close to Perfect reviewed


By Jean JessupSO CLOSE TO PERFECT--A Great Romantic Comedy from Tucson.

Jon Proudstar presented his latest romantic comedy feature in which he wrote directed and acted, So Close to Perfect at the AZ Int’l Film Festival (AIFF) on April 2, 2001 6:00pm at the Screening Room. The theater was almost sold out. Filmed on a budget of only $2,700, Proudstar should be proud and a star.

The story tells the romantic difficulties of various couples in Tucson, using various local landmarks. Tucson looks so good on video. The acting was fantastic; all local actors were used (see list here). Proudstar’s acting was especially endearing. The writing was hilarious and engaging. Proudstar really has a knack for verbal comedy and sight gags. At times I almost felt like I was at a great stand-up comedy performance. Proudstar says his main influence is Woody Allen, but I find Proudstar way more entertaining in this film. Great cinematography, great editing, great production values for such a low budget (see cast here).
Comment:  As you may recall, Proudstar is also the creator of the TRIBAL FORCE comic book. For more on the subject, see TRIBAL FORCE #1 Teaser and Sheyahshe Interviews Proudstar.

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