April 08, 2011

Renee Roman Nose in Some Days

Newfound film star learns no task is ‘too big’

By Tyler HansenThree decades later, Roman Nose and OSU are permanently linked. The school is now her alma mater—she earned her master’s degree here last spring—and it was the campus’ Native American Longhouse where she discovered a casting call that catapulted her into a world bigger than any she could’ve imagined.

The 47-year-old part-time actress is one of the key cast members in the movie “Some Days Are Better Than Others,” which was filmed mostly in Portland and held its public premiere March 25 in the Rose City following a year of film festival showcases across the globe.
And:Roman Nose, who lives on the Tulalip Indian Reservation just north of Seattle, gained much of her experience as a performer through live theater and as a radio DJ. If it seems like her smile is a little wider than usual these days, it’s with good reason. All the happy fortune “Some Days” has generated would have passed her by if not for the insistence of an OSU friend, Christine Bagby, that she audition for the role in Portland.

Roman Nose’s character, Camille, a socially isolated thrift store employee, was originally written as a minor figure in the movie. But when casting director Simon Max Hill and director Matt McCormick saw Roman Nose’s take on the character, they not only pegged her for the role but they rewrote the script to expand Camille’s presence in the film.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Some Days Are Better Than Others.

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