April 21, 2011

Obama visits Culver City

Obama's coming to visit me!

Obama's visit expected to cause traffic delays in Los AngelesThis much is known: Obama will arrive at Los Angeles International Airport at 2:45 p.m. He will spend some time at a fundraiser at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City.LAX is only 3-4 miles south of my home. And Sony Pictures is only 3-4 miles north. I imagine Obama will drive right by my place. He'll probably want to stop by for a few minutes and say hello.

Someone on Facebook said:Be sure to take him by the casino.Just because I work in Indian gaming doesn't mean there's a casino nearby. A card club, maybe, but the nearest Indian casino is an hour-plus away.

I could take him to Comics Ink to pick up some comics. He likes Spider-Man and Conan, I think.

Check this out, President Obama, while you're in Culver City--"The Heart of Screenland"--today:

Walking in Culver City XII--April 20, 2011

Obama says he hasn't pumped gas in a long time. His motorcade should stop here for the best prices in Culver City.

ARCO--6330 W Slauson Ave--Culver City, CA--Los Angeles Gas Prices

If Obama wants to stop by my condo while he's in Culver City, I could give him some advice. Obviously someone has to tell him how to straighten out his troubled presidency.

Since he went to my college and we practically met at the first tribal summit, it would be like a reunion. He could read some of my SPIDER-MAN and CONAN comics--if he washed his hands first. And we could chat about his domestic and foreign policies.

But he should call first rather than just drop in. I might be busy.

For more on Culver City, see Indians in Culver City and John Ford, Juan Diego, and Owls.

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