June 16, 2011

Cherokee Legends at Dusk

‘Legends at Dusk’ production shares Cherokee legends

By Will ChavezCherokee legends tell of a time when people and animals lived together and spoke the same language.

A new summer outdoor production at the Cherokee Heritage Center takes people back to this time. “Legends at Dusk” includes Cherokee legends handed down for generations and recorded in the 19th century in the Cherokee people’s original homelands of North Carolina.

Actors dressed in early-1700s-style clothing, share and perform the legends with help from willing audience members in the CHC’s Ancient Village. Using the Ancient Village’s ceremonial ground, with its seven arbors surrounding a central fire, actors tell the stories of “How the Earth Was Created,” “Rabbit and Possum Take A Wife,” “The Enchanted Lake,” “Water Spider Brings Fire to the People” and more.
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Below:  "Robert Lewis, dressed in 1700s era clothing, is one of the actors in the production of Legends at Dusk, which is being performed outdoors this summer at the Cherokee Heritage Center."

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