June 18, 2011

Romeo Void's Cowlitz singer

Debora Iyall returns from the Romeo Void

By Carla MeyerIyall, who headlines tonight's free Concert in the Park at Cesar Chavez Plaza, has spent the decades since Romeo Void's mid-1980s breakup as a freelance art teacher–in San Francisco, San Bernardino County and on Navajo land in Arizona.

"My reality is that I turn to what is working–I am like a plant with the light," said Iyall, a American Indian from the Cowlitz tribe who a few years ago earned a master's degree in art at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Ore., through a tribal educators grant.
Comment:  For more Native musicians in mainstream bands, see Black Eyed Pea Is Shoshone and Ute Drummer on Saturday Night Live.

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