February 09, 2011

Ute drummer on Saturday Night Live

‘SNL’ musician to give lecture, performanceThe annual Maytum Convocation Lecture Series will continue its 2010-11 "Faces and Phases of Creativity" theme with a lecture and performance by renowned musician Valerie Dee Naranjo on Monday.

She is currently the percussionist for NBC's Saturday Night Live Band, and has recorded for, and regularly performs with, Broadway's "The Lion King."
And:Following the lecture, Naranjo will perform both traditional music and her own compositions that reflect her Native American roots as a member of the Ute Nation of Southern Colorado and her extensive research in world music, especially that of Ghana, West Africa.

Valerie Dee Naranjo has risen through the ranks to become a legendary and accomplished percussionist, vocalist, composer and clinician. She is recognized by many through the various hats that she wears, but is respected by most for her pioneering efforts in West African keyboard percussion music.
Comment:  For more on Indians in SNL, see "Chippewa Word" in Saturday Night Live and Kesha Goes Tribal in Saturday Night Live.

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