February 08, 2011

Boy Scout "Indian dance teams"

SCOUTER.com, the self-proclaimed largest Scouting web portal in the world, listed the following "American Indian Dance Teams." Presumably they all consist of non-Indians appropriating Indian dances and dressing up like Indians while doing nothing to help actual Indians.

American Indian Dance Teams [link no longer active]Koshare Dancers--Troop 232

Based in LaJunta Colorado, this group often performs at Philmont during the summer as well as their Kiva (Museum). The group travels all over the world & was featured in both SCOUTER and Boys Life Magazines.

Kwahadi Dancers--Venture Crew 9

This incredible group of Dancers travels world wide. They perform at Philmont & other scout camps, they publish a quarterly newspaper, and are very close to building their own Museum and exhibit center in Amarillo Texas.

Aabikta Indian Dancers

This is a Scouting Native American Dance Group from Slidell LA.

Coyote Night Dancers

The Coyote Night Dancers is a non-profit organization which furthers the education of others about the Native American culture. Based in Northern California.

Kaniengehaga Dance Team

The dance team is made up of members from our chapter that want to learn more about the way Native Americans lived and danced. Our dance team performs many dances from Indian tribes such as Sioux, Cherokee, Lakota, and Chippewa Indian tribes.

Kootaga Indian Dancers, Inc.

This Troop & Venture Crew from Parkersburg West Virginia travels in a three state area doing dances and competing in Pow Wow events.

Kossa Indian Dancers

This group of scout dancers are based in Sulphur, Louisiana. They have their own Kiva called Kossa Plaza that includes a performance stage, Trading Post & Native American Artwork.

Lakota Dancers

NWSC, IL Crew 476, Lakota Dancers.

Paumanauke Dance Team

Based in Amityville NY this is a scouting based Dance Team.

Sahawe Indian Dancers

The Sahawe Indian Dancers were originally founded in 1950 as the Comanche Club Indians by Scoutmaster of Troop 81 in Uvalde, Texas.

The Mic-O-Say Dancers

Proudly representing the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, an Honor Camping Organization from the Heart of America Council and the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in the Greater Kansas City area. Founded in 1979.

Tsoyaha Indian Dancers / Mossy Creek

The Tsoyaha Indian Dancers & Mossy Creek Singers, NOAC award winning dancers & singers, teaching boys & girls ages 14 to 21 powwow dancing and singing based in Morristown, TN. Dancing, singing and traveling to councils & powwows throughout the USA.
Comment:  We've already seen how the Tribe of Mic-O-Say presents a mishmash of Native stereotypes unrelated to any particular culture. I fear these other dance troupes are just as bad.

The "Coyote Night Dancers" entry probably says it all. Educating people about "the Native American culture"...as if there's only one culture with a common set of attributes: headdresses, buckskins, feathers, teepees, arrows, tomahawks, canoes, etc.

For more on the subject, see Who Are the Kossa Dancers? and Kossa Dancers "Reproduce" Pueblo Ceremonies.

Below:  Big Mic-O-Say chief help little braves learn how to appropriate Native dances for fun and profit.

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