February 18, 2011

NY Times reviews Even the Rain

Here's a movie I hadn't heard of until now:

Movie Review
Even the Rain (2010)

NYT Critics' Pick
This movie has been designated a Critic's Pick by the film reviewers of The New York Times.

Discovering Columbus’s Exploitation

By Stephen HoldenIcíar Bollaín’s bluntly political film “Even the Rain” makes pertinent, if heavy-handed, comparisons between European imperialism five centuries ago and modern globalization. In particular it portrays high-end filming on location in poor countries as an offshoot of colonial exploitation.

The movie is set in and around Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third-largest city, which the movie’s fictional penny-pinching film producer, Costa (Luis Tosar), has chosen as a cheap stand-in for Hispaniola in a movie he is making about Christopher Columbus. The year is 2000, and Costa is unprepared to deal with the real-life populist uprising in Bolivia after its government has sold the country’s water rights to a private multinational consortium.
Comment:  Odd that this movie was named a NYT Critics' Pick. Holden doesn't seem that impressed with it.

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Below:  Juan Carlos Aduviri and Gael Garcia Bernal in Even the Rain.


Anonymous said...

The non native must be Rob Schmidt. He looks so out of place.

Rob said...

Nope. Learn to read so you don't make such a stupid mistake next time.