February 15, 2011

"Smallpox-infested blankets" in V

The TV series V is about alien lizards disguised as humans to conquer the planet. The Visitors, or V's, have pretended to be benevolent, but they really want to use us as breeding machines.

In last week's episode, Concordia (airdate: 2/8/11), newscaster Chad Decker debates Kerry, a potential sparring partner who opposes Anna and the other V's:KERRY:  When newcomers arrive on your shores, you have to be careful--

CHAD:  Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?

KERRY:  Exactly. The Trojan Horse filled with soldiers. Smallpox-infected blankets for the Native Americans. These gifts didn't work out too well for the recipients, did they?

CHAD:  But Anna has demonstrated the utility of her gifts. We have clean air, and revitalized deserts, to prove it.

KERRY:  And I'm sure the Native Americans were warm in their blankets before they started dying in them.
Comment:  It's not uncommon to compare present-day invading forces to the Europeans who invaded the "New World." But until most Americans get the message, it's probably useful to make the comparison.

For the actual story about the smallpox-infected blankets, see The Facts About Blankets with Smallpox.

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