June 09, 2011

Thunderbird in future X-Men movie?

London Comic Con--X-Men: First Class panel

By Calvin PeatOne of the most interesting parts of the MCM Expo last weekend was the X-Men: First Class panel with two of the screenwriters, Zack Stentz & Ashley Miller (Thor, Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), where they answered questions from the audience, taking in a wide variety of topics surrounding the movie, X-Men, and the writing process, among other things.The key bit:Someone then asked who we can expect to see in future X-Men movies that we haven’t seen yet in the movies.

They don’t want to ruin it, but admitted that there is the potential for some familiar faces to show up in future movies.

As a final question, they were asked which were their favourite X-Men.

Ashley Miller said that he’d always been fascinated by Thunderbird: the first X-Man to die, and stay dead. Also, treating mutants as metaphor, Thunderbird is a Native American. He then said that he wants to do a Cable/Deadpool crossover, finishing with “Cable is awesome.”
Comment:  The Terminator TV show had at least half a dozen Native references in its two seasons. Perhaps Ashley Miller was responsible for them.

For more on the subject, see Thunderbird in the Comics.

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Anonymous said...

Thunderbird's one that most people don't remember, but he has that Too Good To Last quality to him.

The mid-90s cartoon had Thunderbird in the intro, but never featured him. Since the main reason he was killed was because his personality was so similar to Wolverine's, this makes me smile.