June 24, 2011

Peruvian actress sings in Quechua

Rise of Indigenous Actress Marks Change In Peru

By Annie MurphyIn 2009, when the Peruvian film The Milk of Sorrow won top honors at the Berlin Film Festival, lead actress Magaly Solier did something surprising—she chose to accept the award by singing a song in Quechua, a common indigenous language of Peru.

Indigenous people make up more than half of Peru's population and about half of Peruvians live in poverty, yet it has long been run by a small elite. But that's beginning to change as Solier and others with indigenous roots move into the cultural and political spotlight.
And:In The Milk of Sorrow, Solier plays a young modern day Peruvian woman affected by the same rural violence Solier grew up with. The plot centers on the belief of some Peruvians that campesina—or peasant—women who were raped during Peru's armed conflict could pass their fear on to children through their breast milk. Solier's character is one of those children.

The role catapulted Solier into a successful international career, and her singing in the film led to a professional career in music.
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