October 31, 2006

Beach on Hollywood Indians

Actor takes pride in Iwo Jima roleAlthough the dialogue is improving, Beach said writers are finding it hard to let go of "the old-school Hollywood Indian."

Even more pressing: the lack of authentic faces on screen, let alone Academy Award nominations beyond Chief Dan George from "Little Big Man" and Graham Greene from "Dances With Wolves." Both were nominated for supporting actor and lost.

"The most difficult of all is the percentage of the Indian actors out there working. It's so low, it's like we're .02 percent, which is below ‘Others' on the graph. We're not even in the minority group, and that's what we're trying to change in Hollywood, because we're not accepted in that field. Yet.

"That's why I think we, as a people, have to now start making our own movies and taking steps into producing and creating these stories, because it is limited in Hollywood."

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