October 09, 2006

Indian guy meets dolphin gal

“Dude Vision” Rocks. Life through the Eyes of a Guy...Dude Vision is not dopey humor like Dude, Where’s My Car? It’s clever; it’s glib; it’s satirical, but never demeaning or crude for the sake of a cheap guffaw. For that you can thank [Jon] Proudstar, who wrote, directed and stars as the film’s title “dude.”

In the opening scenes we see Jon lying in bed with his “bombshell” girlfriend, Veronica, played by Juoy Luzania. Yeah, he loves her enough, but it’s Saturday morning and what would any guy under 40 want to do on Saturday morning? No, not that—he had plenty the night before; and it surely ain’t cuddling, which he’s afraid his honey is expecting. It’s free time playing X-box and drinking soda and eating cold pizza. Now, that's the American man we all know and love.

In typical dude fashion, Jon gamely agrees to go shopping at the mall with main squeeze. As she’s chastising him to get ready, her voice, ummm…her voice becomes…“When is she going to learn that as a guy, I have a genetic predisposition to hear a maximum of eight words in a given sentence?” Jon says, “Anything beyond that is…dolphin talk.”
Comment:  Proudstar was also the writer of TRIBAL FORCE #1--reputedly the first comic book done by Natives.

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Rob said...

I don't know about the revision of the bar scene, but I agree with your other comments. I'd add that the scenes with men acting as apes or Jedi knights were overly familiar, while the scenes with the girlfriend speaking "dolphin" seemed fresh.

In terms of both quantity and quality, I would've liked to see more original insights. Still, the film was entertaining overall--a fine look at (one extreme of) the male psyche.