October 10, 2006

The black-Indian connection

More Blacks Are Exploring the African-American/Native American ConnectionAbout 15 years ago, a group of blacks attending the Silver Star Pow Wow in California decided to go out into the circle and dance together in an intertribal dance. Almost immediately, they felt a bond, said Don Little Cloud Davenport, leader of the Black Native American Association.

“There was something special about that moment,” Davenport told BlackAmericaWeb.com. “We are under the philosophy that you can’t be a whole person unless we acknowledge all that we are.”

William Loren Katz, author of Black Indians and a nationally noted expert on the subject, estimates the number of blacks with Native American ancestry to be 90 to 95 percent of blacks in America. You can see the features in blacks from Michael Jackson and Lena Horne to LL Cool J and Frederick Douglass, he told BlackAmericaWeb.com.


Rob said...

Now, now. Let's not take too many cheap shots at Jackson's expense. Hasn't he suffered enough?

Anonymous said...

No, Rob, Michael Jackson hasn't suffered enough. He's a sick man who has refused help. And, though legally unproven, he's predatory around children.

And that photo of him you posted is enough to give me nightmares....

Anonymous said...

Michael has suffered enough. His "predatory around children" behavior is not legally proven because it was probably innocent. He OBVIOUSLY had several personal issues that separated him from most social norms. No one will ever know what it is like to live a life such as his, but the man was so charitable and conscious...just listen to his music and watch some interviews.

Please don't continue to project sick thoughts about what it 'looks like could have happened' when there is no proof. A lot of Americans tend to have repressed sexual thoughts that are often projected onto others. Especially people as naive as MJ.

There just isn't enough evidence to suggest foul play. And think about it, all of these families were looking for money, if your child was molested would you be out for money or blood? I know my answer.

Micaela said...

Not a Sioux, is it really self inflicted when you are forced into superstardom by an overbearing father at age 7, one that abuses you and makes you hate yourself for your "big fat nose"among other things?

Is it really self inflicted when you have a disease (Vitaligo) and you are forced to be in the lime-light when the only industry you know requires your appearance to be marketable?

Is it self inflicted that people such as yourself, I presume, judge and blog about you without even spending more that a few minutes analyzing you?

And to come out as giving and positive as his was is amazing.

Shame on you for spreading this kind of negativity and hate about a dead man. I hope you think about what you are putting out into the world, so that when people remember you it will be more positive than what I see on this site.

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson

an observer said...

Great post Micaela, I totally agree!