October 11, 2006

Oneida animators going strong

Oneida's latest venture is animation productionsThe Oneida Indian Nation of New York is using 21st century computer technology to preserve the ancient oral stories of its past.

The nation started its own video production company in 2003 and now after several successful ventures, Four Directions Productions is embarking on a project to turn some of the tribe's historic tales into animated video stories.

“We are bringing Oneida legends to life,” said Dale Rood, a member of the OIN Men's Council who serves as the company's executive liaison and studio operations director.

“We want to do more than just entertain the next generation. We want to teach them--and others--about the Oneida culture,” said Rood, as he watched lead animator Shaun Foster add a special effects sequence to “Raccoon and Crawfish,” which will be the company's first animated short feature.

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