October 15, 2006

Dead man walking

Sleepdancer...A Silent Man’s Plaintive WailThe second feature written and directed by and starring Rod Pocowatchit, Sleepdancer is above all else a drama about everyday people in an anyplace town with regrets, secrets, tragedy and eventually, forgiveness. The film begins with an earnest coroner’s investigator, Derek Smith, studying the death of a 65-year-old Native man who died of natural causes. What should be a routine assignment turns into an obsession for Derek, played with understated realism by Mark Wells, as he delves into the past of the disturbed, mute son, Tommy.

As Tommy, Rod fills the screen as a tic-afflicted dead man walking. With less than several sentences of dialogue in the entire film, he is the core of the story—what happened to this formerly “normal” guy that has transformed him into a zombie?

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Not having seen any of this man's films, I only can judge from the man's words themselves. And they are well-chosen and leanly stated, immensely well-informed and inspired, with the best matter of all being that they are smart. This an educated man but the education is just a tool in the hands of a naturally directed individual. He knew how to do things before he learned how to do things, such as to write or to express himself visually. Natural luck or created luck actually sent him into what he should be doing, and so there he is.
Now, where are those films?
All Best
Russ Bates