October 27, 2006

Two pea-brains in a pod

The Great White Woman Speaks

Dr. David Yeagley interviews Ann Coulter.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
What a posturer, or should that be, 'imposturer'? Instead of Bad Eagle, it should be Bad Non-Indianhead Penny Dreadful. But come to think of it, the two of them together must be a marriage made in Gehenna. They look so much like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos! So, shh, everyone tippy-toe past and let her slip into her spike heels and fishnet hose so she can finish Yeagley's emasculation that was botched by neoNazis oh so many moons ago...
All Best
Russ Bates

Not a Sioux said...

I read this yesterday when I scrolled through the Bad Eagle Blog (Bad Bloggle?) when reading for his "All people in India are Hindu" post. It was actually the first time I'd read Ann Coulter. Before, I'd taken people's word about her. She's worse when read in context than when described and quoted here and there.