October 10, 2006

Same old song about Columbus?

Eastern Connecticut students, teachers look again at ColumbusFrank Demicco is offended by the kind of Columbus lessons taught by teachers such as Rygielski. The 78-year-old Norwich resident is a former trustee of the United Italian Society of Norwich and an organizer of local festivities to honor Columbus annually.

"I hate revisionists that rewrite history, because we have no more facts about Columbus than the facts that have been used for the last 500 years," Demicco said. "Every immigrant family should have pride in their heritage. Italians have done an awful lot of good for the community and brought over a lot of culture and arts, not just pizza and pasta."

But not all teachers address Columbus' purported brutality. Colchester Elementary School teacher Kim Waltmire said many of her colleagues just teach simple songs about Columbus' voyage.

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Rob said...

Well, I'm happy to blame all the people you listed. But when people say, "I'm not responsible for what my ancestors did," I don't let them off the hook. I say they're responsible for how the treat Indians today: whether they uphold the legal treaties, demand equal rights for all, and educate themselves against pernicious stereotypes.