December 02, 2006

PEACE PARTY and human rights

The Concise Guide to Global Human RightsIn a world facing the growing challenges of globalized apartheid and pandemic poverty, human rights will determine the future of every one of us and our sustainability as a species. This book allows us at least to reclaim our hope in that future."--Roger Clark, former secretary general of Amnesty International

"An excellent roadmap for navigating the labyrinthian challenges posed by globalization. It should be used by human rights activists and students alike."--Micheline Ishay, author of The History of Human Rights: From Ancient Times to the Era of Globalization

"This eloquent call for the future of human rights and a just world order is a must read."--Dr. Upendra Baxi, University of Warwick
Comment:  I mention this book because it reprints pages 1 and 6 of PEACE PARTY #1. The message this conveys is that the indigenous worldview isn't necessarily the same as the Western worldview.

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