December 06, 2006

Violence could sink Apocalypto

Praise for Gibson Film, Quandary for Oscar Voters[I]n addition to the other issues, the film’s sheer violence—which includes decapitation and hearts ripped from the chests of human sacrifice victims—could turn off some voters, whatever their feelings toward the director.

“Once the reviews come out and it’s perceived to be a foreign language film with that kind of violence, you will have trouble getting people to actually go see it,” said one seasoned Oscar campaigner, who declined to speak for attribution because of business ties to Disney.

“There will be a degree of resistance, And Mel would be the first one to say, ‘I anticipate a degree of ambivalence,’ he knows that,” said Peter Bart, the editor of Variety . “The violence is an issue. But that’s the way he is. That’s the way he sees the world.”
Comment:  Yes, Gibson apparently sees the world in "us vs. them" terms. That is, us (Anglos, Christians, heroes) vs. them (Jews, criminals, savages).

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