April 05, 2007

4th graders learn truth

Students Experience Jamestown

"I think they'll never forget John Smith or Pocahontas or the settlers coming over." -- THERESA CAGNO, teacher, Lake Anne Elementary SchoolHer class made newspapers to try to understand what daily life might have been like for settlers who founded the first permanent English colony in the New World. Her story carried the headline "Why We Came to The New World," as an imagined conversation with Captain John Smith.

"R: 'Why do you suppose we came to the New World?'

"JS: 'For selfish reasons.'

"R: 'What are they?'

"JS: 'Well, one is so England can have more power. Also we want gold and [a] route to the New World.' "
Comment:  Remember articles such as this one

Dueling views on how to teach

from last Thanksgiving? Apparently, youngsters can handle the truth even if teachers and parents can't.

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