April 14, 2007

Broadband IP TV is coming

American Indian TV Targets IPTV

AITV to focus on urban areas first, then reservationsBroadband IP television is coming to Indian Country. American Indian TV debuted in March at RES2007, the 21st annual National Reservation Economic Summit and American Indian Business Trade Fair, which featured 400 exhibitors and 2,500 attendees from across North America.

"AITV will be a subscription-based service," said Jerry Ashton, president and cofounder of AITV. "All people interested in Native content will serve as the audience. We intend to feature powwows, news, original films by Native filmmakers, educational channels to preserve and protect Indian culture, Native arts and crafts, and much more."


Anonymous said...

What kind of equipment and broadband access do you need for this?

Rob said...

I think Russ is right about what you'd need. You'd need a computer with broadband Internet access. You'd connect this to your TV and the streaming video would appear on your set. It would be similar to cable TV, I'm guessing, except it would come over the Net.

Rob said...

The Mac guy is Justin Long, who appeared in the TV show Ed and the movie Accepted.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey all, thank you for noticing AITV. To answer the question, you don't need a computer - our service comes with a Set Top Box. We also will be offering an online portal viewing experience as well.

Additionally, we are aware of the "dominance" issue and are taking steps to make sure all the directions are represented.

And hopefully we can be a good enough judge of content to make it worthwhile, but we are expecting our user community to also lead us in the right direction