April 01, 2007

Defining Cherokees racially

Cheyfitz:  The case of the Cherokee freedmenIn denying the charge of racism, Smith points to the racially diverse citizenry of the Cherokee Nation. Yet at the same time, he does not consider that defining a nation by its blood is certainly defining it racially and that to exclude individuals or a group of people from citizenship in that nation because they lack the necessary blood quantum (however that is determined) is to exclude them racially, an act that certainly can be construed as racist.

In denying Cherokee racism while endorsing the practice of it in tribal politics, Smith finds himself caught in a contradiction of the colonial politics of Indian country, which he does not care to examine. Intentionally or not, this carelessness allows him to have his race-cake and eat it too.

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Wakeupcall said...

No comments to this? If it was more than denial, it could have remained boiling as your hot 'Race cake' issue.
Nation is a new concept- what on earth- we are more than that. We are what many long for as a people. We are striving for a sense of being who already have ancient clan ties and tribal identity, here and to this day. We had white slaves, none of whom have proclaimed such hatred to our people, and recieved no recognition. Our whites and coloreds suffered along with us and we respect their contributions. We are eons from Hollywood.