April 08, 2007

My take on Berlin Blues

Welcome to Ojibway WorldThe Berlin Blues, the latest theatre production by Ojibway playwright Drew Hayden Taylor, premiered in March at the Native Voices of the Autry Center in Los Angeles. Directed by Randy Reinholz and starring Robert Vestal, Gil Birmingham and Delanna Studi, the comedy follows the happenings on a Canadian Reserve when a German conglomerate opens a “Ojibway World” theme park. So we wonder...is the concept of “Dances with Wolves: The Musical” funny? Blue Corn Comics' pop culturist Rob Schmidt was there. Enjoy his review and take a look at his fabulous photo album from the performance.

By Rob Schmidt

Bright and entertaining, The Berlin Blues is Drew Hayden Taylor’s fourth in a series of blues-titled plays. It aims to show how Natives reconcile their traditional values with modern life without selling out. Along the way it satirizes the many ways Native cultures get peddled: from Disney films to Indian casinos to New Age brotherhood.

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