April 12, 2007

Pathetic Pathfinder

Movie review | 'Pathfinder' full of mysteriesToo small to be a spectacle, too humorless to take seriously and too stupid to pass muster at a middle school writing workshop, "Pathfinder" appears to be the first film adapted from a Frank Frazetta battle scene airbrushed on a Chevy van.Vikings, Indians battle in pathetic 'Pathfinder'Rather than tell a historic tale, like Terrence Malick with "The New World," Nispel has delivered a cookie-cutter action piece that devotes most of its time to graphic violence and brutality. Sure, Viking warriors probably had that going on, but that doesn't make it dramatic and entertaining when splashed across a movie screen for 100 minutes.Pathfinder[T]he legendary--if not historical--aspects of the story are overwhelmed by the unrelenting scenes of gory decapitations, impalings and eviscerations that fuel this shallow salute to murderous revenge.Movie review:  'Pathfinder' goes in wrong directionIn other words, you've seen this all before--even if the Vikings vs. Indians contest sounds more like a ballgame than a movie. Filled with foggy shots stolen from "LOTR" and laden with decapitations, "Pathfinder" is faux-period gore trash with no redeeming qualities and a high dullness factor. Find another path.