April 13, 2007

Political art on display

A Native American Vision for D.C.

"American Icons Through Indigenous Eyes" featuresmore than 50 contemporary works by 12 artists. All were given but one direction by Harjo: Use this show to say something that could only be said in Washington--something to Washington. That explains the political nature of the show, from Bunky Echo-Hawk's paintings illuminating the changes produced by toxic dumps in tribal areas to Mateo Romero's "War Painting Prelude," a foggy photo-transfer with mixed media depicting the artist's nephew's harrowing duty in Ramadi, Iraq.

The show is also a rare chance to see what is not often exhibited here: modern works by Native Americans that don't necessarily reflect craft traditions, anthropology or history, just a viewpoint and a vision for art.
Comment:  Check out the slide show of works in the exhibit. My pal Bunky Echo-Hawk's gas mask paintings and Apocalypto poster are included.

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