April 04, 2007

Skywalk rips off tourists

Tired tribe takes grandeur out of canyon Skywalk"First they rob you with the $50 bus ride," said Patrick, "and then the platform itself is so, well, it was not at all what they said it was or what the brochure drawings show."

Patrick said the platform is not suspended "4,000 feet above the Colorado River" as the brochure and website claim. Security agents at the platform take all cameras and return them when tourists are back inside an adjoining building.

"The river is way off in the distance," he said. "And the cliff comes out at an angle so most of the time the rocks are just 300 or 400 feet beneath you. ... We're going to ask for some of our money back."


Rob said...

Walking in Buzz Aldrin's footsteps would be more of a selling point.

In any case, smart tourists will research the Skywalk before plunking down their money. When they do, they'll come across postings like this one.

Rob said...

Re "What with the price of gasoline nowadays, going to Hualapai Land only to be overcharged AND disappointed simply means a bad taste left in their mouths toward ANY Native enterprise": Right. It might create hard feelings toward Native people.