August 08, 2007

2007 NAMMY nominations

Native American Music Awards & Association Announce Nominees for Ninth Annual Awards Ceremony

Brule’ Leads with Five, Jana, Jim Boyd Band, Shelly Morningsong with Four Nominations EachNominations for the Ninth Annual Native American Music Awards were announced today by The Native American Music Awards & Association (N.A.M.A). Due to a record number of recording submissions received in the past year, the Awards have expanded both its number of categories from 26 to 30 and from five to six nominees in each category. This year, 180 nominees are featured throughout 30 music Award categories.

Topping this year’s nominations are; Brule’ and AIRO featuring Paul LaRoche (Lakota) with five nominations for Kinship and Silent Star Night, Jim Boyd Band (Colville) for Live At Two Rivers, Jana (Lumbee) for An American Indian Story, and new artist Shelley Morningsong (Northern Cheyenne) for Out of the Ashes all with four nods each. Arigon Starr, JSK, Pipestone, Susan Aglukark, Tamara Podemski and Arvel Bird have three each, and Brian Hammill, Corn-Bred, Donna Kay, Douglas Blue Feather, Evren Ozan, Exit Wound, Night Shield, Jamie Coon, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, John Two-Hawks and Bastiaan, Keith Secola & Karen Drift, Mary Youngblood, Michael Bucher, Michael Jacobs, Peter Buffett & Chief Hawk Pope, Radmilla Cody, Raven Hernandez, Robert Mirabal, Robert Tree Cody, Talibah Begay, Thoz Womenz, Tonemah, Wade Fernandez and Women of Wabano have earned two nominations each.

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