August 11, 2007

Cornut still pro-Custer

An e-mail received from a correspondent, 7/8/07:I've been reading with interest the history on your website of your contacts with David Cornut and his brother Xavier. You may be interested to know that among David Cornut's most recent enterprises has been rewriting articles under the username Custerwest on the English Wikipedia to suit his views on matters Custerish. A resulting edit war on the article Battle of Washita River has led to administrators blocking the article from editing until disputes can be reached on the article's related talk page. Cornut has apparently had a long history with this & other Custer-related articles, & before creating the username Custerwest (which goes handily with his most recent Custer glorification website, was editing articles under a variety of anonymous IPs associated with the Universite de Fribourg in Switzerland, where he is apparently now (or at least was) a student.

Just thought you might be interested. I'm one of the people working to restore the article to some kind of sanity, not to mention accuracy.

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