August 07, 2007

New Agers shut down watchdog

Native Cultural Activists Voices Silenced AgainNew Age Frauds Plastic Shamans or NAFPS, located online at, has been shut down temporarily due to the lies and libel by an English New Age racist, John Lekay, editor of Heyoka Magazine. Lekay is a leading promoter of New Age exploitation and colonialism and seeks to dominate Native spiritual traditions, especially Lakota religion, by promoting a series of fringe characters, all the while silencing Native voices.

Mr. Lekay joined the forum a few weeks ago and tried to bully its members into withdrawing our criticism of New Age racism, exploitation, sexual abuse, and greed and commercialism. When we refused to back down, Lekay became abusive, arrogant, childish, and attacked our members, misrepresented the position of and the respected Native elders we support, and used foul and abusive language with elderly members, even repeatedly comparing Native elders who oppose the New Age movement to mass murderers.

The moderators banned Lekay for his abusive behavior. He responded by contacting our host with more misrepresentations and false accusations, demanding we take off criticism of him or the New Age exploiters he promoted. When we refused, our host, which has changed owners, shut us down.

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