August 15, 2007

Sacagawea out, presidents in

Dollar coins provide history lesson, break from the billThe Jefferson dollar follows the Washington coin, which was introduced in February, and the John Adams coin, introduced in May. The coin honoring James Madison will go into circulation in November, and four more of the nation's presidents will be honored every year in the order they served in the White House.

By having a rotating design on the new dollar coins, the Mint is hoping to keep interest high and avoid the famous flops of two previous dollar coins--the Susan B. Anthony, introduced in 1979, and the Sacagawea, introduced in 2000.

The presidential coins are the same size as the Sacagawea, slightly larger than a quarter, and also golden in color.

Skeptics, however, believe they will suffer the same fate as the Sacagawea unless the government decides to get rid of the $1 bill, something that Congress has strongly opposed.

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