June 04, 2008

Columnist endorses Obama

Elect Awe Koota Bilxpaak KooxshiiwiashFrom my columnist’s viewpoint, here is what I believe about the Democratic presidential candidates: I have watched the national primary. Most days, I read The New York Times, the Washington Post and local papers. I followed Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton. At first, I thought Hillary would be the better candidate because she had more experience as well as the experience and guidance of her husband, Bill.

But as the primaries moved into high gear, Clinton seemed too “hell-bent” on being president. She seemed like a wild cat with claws, changing and doing anything to win, it seemed to me.

In Obama on the other hand, I sensed a spirit that cared. I was taken by his speeches and the way he handled himself, especially in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright situation.

I was also impressed that he seemed to be gentle with Clinton and treated her better than certainly she treated him. What he lacks in experience surely will be made up by this intelligent man’s abilities to learn.

I was a little taken aback by the reactions of Indian people to the campaign. I was disappointed with those who thought voting for a candidate who worked with Indian people in the past or had visited tribes was most important. It is more important that the person understand all the people, I believe.
Comment:  Obama wins the Democratic nomination! Finally, our long national nightmare (the primary season) is over.

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