June 12, 2008

Director to tackle Indian gaming?

Paul Thomas Anderson May Be Headed To VegasIt’s always been hard to pinpoint what Paul Thomas Anderson might do next, given that he’s always vacillated between movies about crime (Hard Eight), nostalgia (Boogie Nights) or just straight-up depression (Magnolia). But just how do you follow up the remarkable, perhaps even ground-breaking There Will Be Blood? Well, Cigarettes and Red Vines think they’ve got the answer, or at least a pretty good rumor.

They say PTA is at work on a movie with Jack Nicholson, of all people, called Power Play. It’s “about a gambling entrepreneur from a Native American casino who decides to take on Las Vegas.” The movie is based on the novel by Peter Bart, according to Cigarettes, and as reported by Slate, Bart sold the rights to Paramount back in 1998. Bart is the editor-in-chief of Variety, and apparently the sale was in violation of Variety policy and got him into a heap of trouble.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

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