June 09, 2008

Drew Hayden Taylor's latest

From Chris Spotted Eagle of KFAI's Indian Uprising:He has travelled to 16 countries around the world, spreading the gospel of Native literature to the world. Through this and many of his books, most notably the series, Funny, You Don't Look Like One, he has tried to educated and inform the world about issues that reflect and interfere in the lives of Canada's First Nations. Publisher, Douglas & McIntyre, said, "A sequel to the highly successful Me Funny, Me Sexy is an anthology containing thirteen contributions from leading members of North America's First Nations writing communities."

Self described as a contemporary story teller, this summer will see the production of the second season of MIXED BLESSINGS, a television comedy series he co-created and was the head writer for. Last summer, IN A WORLD CREATED BY A DRUNKEN GOD, a made-for-TV movie he wrote, based on his Governor General's nominated play was produced. The last two years has seen him proudly serve as the Writer in Residence at the University of Michigan and the University of Western Ontario. In August, Annick Press published his first novel, The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel, a teen story about an Ojibway vampire, and in April, his non-fiction book exploring the world of Native sexuality, entitled, Me Sexy, to be published by Douglas & McIntyre. It is a follow up to his highly successful book on Native humor, Me Funny.
A description of the Canadian TV series Mixed Blessings:A widowed Ukrainian plumber and a widowed Cree waitress fall madly in love resulting in a riotous fireworks display of conflicts with friends and family.Comment:  As you may recall, Taylor wrote the play The Berlin Blues, which I reviewed. He also won an award at the 2008 FAITA awards ceremony.

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