June 01, 2008

Fun with (fictional) genocide

Any guesses who wrote the following (fictional) advocacy of genocide?"What shall we do?" asked Ak.

"These creatures are of no benefit to the world," said the Prince of the Knooks; "we must destroy them."

"Their lives are devoted only to evil deeds," said the Prince of the Ryls. "We must destroy them."

"They have no conscience, and endeavor to make all mortals as bad as themselves," said the Queen of the Fairies. "We must destroy them."

"They have defied the great Ak, and threaten the life of our adopted son," said beautiful Queen Zurline. "We must destroy them."

The Master Woodsman smiled.

"You speak well," said he. "These Awgwas we know to be a powerful race, and they will fight desperately; yet the outcome is certain. For we who live can never die, even though conquered by our enemies, while every Awgwa who is struck down is one foe the less to oppose us. Prepare, then, for battle, and let us resolve to show no mercy to the wicked!"


dmarks said...

I don't remember the name of the book, but I do remember most of the character names, and who wrote it.

Anonymous said...

All the characters seem to be Baum (author of the Wizard of Oz books). I don't remember this particular passage, though... Where did it come from?

Rob said...

You can find the answer in The Indian-Oz Connection.