June 12, 2008

Some doubts about Turok

Adam Beach to Star in Live-Action "Turok" MovieWell, now here is a comic/video game hero I didn't expect to see any time soon. Adam Beach revealed to MTV that he plans to star in a live-action Turok movie. This year, the character landed his own animated film, Turok: Son of Stone, which Beach provided the voice for. Though it seems to have garnered little attention, it hasn't daunted Beach from wanting to tackle the character again.

Video game movies rarely do well, even if they do have their origins in comic books, and it isn't clear which Turok they are going with. However, a Native American hunting dinosaurs and an evil cyborg is just so crazy, it might work--and as I have always liked Beach, I will root for his dream project.
Comment:  Video-game movies tend to fail because they're pure action. This kind of movie appeals only to a limited number of fan-boys.

Most adults, especially women, have little desire to see men vs. monsters via CGI. I'm guessing Turok won't work if that's all it has to offer.

If your pseudo-scientific story has strong themes and characterization, you may end up with a hit like Jurassic Park. If not, you'll end up with a schlocky movie such as Raptor or Pterodactyl that no one's ever heard of.

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