August 07, 2008

A look at LIVING CORPSE #3

The Living Corpse #3In the snowy wilds of the north, there is a legend of ice and rage, a beast who prowls the snowy woods and keeps the surrounding tribes living in fear. A creature born when man consumes the flesh of another man, transforming him! The Living Corpse is summoned to the icy tundra to fight the menace known as the Wendigo, who wants to use the power of the ancient burial mounds to raise an army of the dead. But what happens to the Living Corpse when his hunger for human brains takes over, forcing him to feed on another human being? A zombie possessed by the hunger and rage of the spirit within the Wendigo--now the natives get restless as a newer undead creature thirsts for blood!The Living Corpse #3The taste for human flesh beckons once more and the Living Corpse is summoned through the fires of hell to do the bidding of a mysterious Native American shaman. An ancient beast stalks a cursed burial ground and threatens to raise an undead army unless the gatekeeper can stop him.

The line between good and evil begins to blur and the Living Corpse is at the DEAD center of an ancient plot that has waited centuries to be fulfilled. The Living Corpse now must battle the spirit of the Wendigo. But how do you kill something that has survived for eons?
Comment:  A shaman, a burial ground, a sexy Indian babe...your typical grab-bag of stupid stereotypes. LIVING CORPSE is apparently so bad that my local shop doesn't even carry it.

For more on the comic, the second link provides a partial blow-by-blow account with images from the story. I gather the Living Corpse ends up eating the brains of his beautiful Native guide. Nice.

For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.


Anonymous said...

Hey man--- I'm Ken, co-creator of the Living Corpse and happened upon your review while surfing around.

Most people actually read something before posting up a review so if you want, shoot me your address at and I'll be happy to send you a copy of the offensive issue #3 so you can make up your mind from more than just a description of the issue.

It's much better to see what you consider so offensive before you pretty much call us out as being racists.

Rob said...


I actually posted other people's summaries and added a couple of sentences of my own. I wouldn't call that a "review" that required reading the comic. Which wasn't available at my local shop, as I said.

But okay, send me a copy. I'll give it a proper review if and when I see it.

Incidentally, pointing out someone's stereotypes isn't the same as calling the person a racist. You can make poor choices or mistakes without intending to disparage or discriminate against someone.

Anonymous said...

Notice how there is no re-review.