November 27, 2008

Adam Beach at G2E 2008

G2E 2008 Spotlights Latest Issues and Future Direction of Indian Gaming

Indian Gaming a major player in global gaming industry and G2ENative actor Adam Beach arrived and created a buzz of excitement all while promoting an entertainment venture for Indian country in the form of a virtual cable television network that will feature a variety of channels dedicated to Native American history and issues. "I am honored to be part of creating an amazing environment to produce virtual Internet entertainment avenues dedicated to our stories. While it has been an honor for me in my acting career to represent us through the faces of Ira Hays in "Flags of Our Fathers" and a Navajo Code Talker, in the movie "Wind Talkers," I am as thrilled and passionate to be part of OVNTV, because it is an the awesome opportunity to tell the true stories of our Indian people, from our Indian people." Beach said.Comment:  Watch your language, Adam. "Virtual Internet entertainment avenues" sounds like a string of buzz words rather than something real.

For more on the subject, see The Facts About Indian Gaming.


dmarks said...

"Wind Talkers" is now in the $5.50 bin at Walmart. I've not seen it yet. Off to check Rob's review to see if it is a good one to see.

Oh wait. It has Nicolas Cage in it. I tend to like his movies. So, off to read the review, but I'll probably get the movie regardless of what the review says.

Rob said...

I never saw Windtalkers because it was too violent. I don't see ultra-violent movies on principle.

As I recall, the critics lambasted Cage's stiff character as well as the excessive violence. They also booed the codetalkers being secondary to the white man in their own movie.