November 28, 2008

Parents to Indians:  Go to hell

Woman surprised at e-mail backlashCondit Elementary School parent Michelle Raheja said she was not prepared for the backlash she got from helping to write an e-mail to a kindergarten teacher at the elementary school.

She and her daughter have been harassed as a result, she said Wednesday.

"It was a private message to one kindergarten teacher," Raheja said. "She did not ask me if she could circulate it to others or circulate it to the principal. I don't think she was ill-intentioned."
How did the anti-Indian parents respond to this supposedly private e-mail?At the Tuesday feast, Raheja said her 5-year-old daughter was harassed. A parent dressed up as an American Indian, Raheja said, "did a war dance around my daughter." The parent then told her daughter and others to "go to hell," she said.

Raheja, a UC Riverside instructor, said she has contacted the Claremont Police Department and the UC Riverside police because of the hateful phone calls and e-mails.

On Wednesday, she said she had received more than 250 "hateful and intimidating" e-mails.

"They go from being anxious about political correctness to calling me (an epithet). They don't know my daughter's name, but they've said hateful and disgusting things about my daughter."
Comment:  For more on the parents' obvious racism, see Anti-Indian Racism Explained and Why White Men Hate Indians. For more on the Thanksgiving issues, see Playing Indian for Thanksgiving and Ten Little Pilgrims and Indians.

Below:  If there's a hell, I suspect it's reserved for people who tell little girls to "go to hell." And not for the little girls themselves.


Anonymous said...

i am not critisizing your blog entry thing. this comment is purely about the photo at the bottom. it says "the hatred of racism... is the darkest of all evils" so the picture is saying that those who hate racism are evil. i dont think that is quite the message u were trying to portray with this picture...

Rob said...

No, it's saying the hatred inherent in racism is the darkest of all evils. But I can see how you could read it the other way. Good's not perfectly clear.